Upper Midwest Dairy Industry Association

President – Dale Heintz, AgPartners Co-op*

Vice President – John Wolf, DFA*

Secretary – David Weinand, Minnesota Department of Agriculture*

Treasurer – Scott Stude, Agropur*

Elected board members (voting): including those with * above,

  • Jeff Johnson, Alltech

Appointed Board members (voting):

  • Meghan Melheim, Minnesota Department of Agriculture
  • Patti Schaefer, First District Association
  • April VonRuden, AMPI
  • Deb Wehde, Agropur

Advisory Committee members (non-voting):

  • Blaize Dankers, Land O’Lakes
  • Dan Erickson, Harold Wainess & Associates
  • Peter Gieseke, Agropur
  • Amanda Johnson, Minnesota Department of Agriculture
  • Jim Klein, Bongards
  • Rueben Nilsson, Prairie Farms
  • Lisa Ramacher, Minnesota Department of Agriculture
  • Lucas Sjostrom, Minnesota Milk
  • Brian Speltz, S & S Dairy Systems
  • Lisa Wetzel, Minnesota Department of Agriculture
  • Justin Zangl, Eurofins DQCI, LLC

If you are interested in serving on a UMDIA Committee contact President Dale Heintz.