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Butter & Cheese Contests
Three butter contests and three cheese contests are
coordinated by UMDIA each year:
Fall Contest;
Spring Contest;
Minnesota State Fair Contest.
You may choose to enter one, some or all of the contests,
please see below for Online Contest information. 

2018 Spring Butter & Cheese Contest Results
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2017 Fall Butter & Cheese Contest Results
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 2017 Spring Butter and Cheese Contest First Place Winners

Artisan Butter Contest - Jay Logan, Hope Creamery, Hope, MN

Conventional Butter - Elizabeth Milhouse, Land O'Lakes, Carlisle, PA

Cheddar Block - Jeff Berg, Land O' Lakes, Kiel, WI              

Cheddar Barrel - Zack McCann, First District Ass'n, Litchfield, MN

Miscellaneous Cheese - Vince Zoller, First District Ass'n, Litchfield, MN

Artisan Cheese - Stickney Hill Production Team, Stickney Hill Creamery, Cold Spring, MN

For full results, click here.

 For the 2017-18 Contest Cycle there will be two categories for butter entries:

Conventional - continuous churn
Artisan - The Artisan Butter contest will be a separate contest from the continuous churn butter contest. This category would be for small batch butter processors.

Awards will be given in both categories. The scoring would be the same for both contests. The butter entrants will have to specify whether the butter is conventional or artisan on their entry cards. Entries will have names removed and replaced with numbers prior to judging. The entries will be evaluated by three qualified judges  and samples of the butter will also be sent to a certified lab for composition and bacteriological analysis.
We hope that the addition of the second contest will give more buttermakers the initiative to enter the butter contest. Remember that if you would like to be eligible for the annual championship award that you will need to enter all three contests and that there will be separate trophies for the conventional and artisan divisions.
Note that for this cycle of contests - we will continue with three contests which include the: Fall; Spring; and Minnesota State Fair (in July) contests. Entries must be delivered to Bongards’ Creameries at 13200 County Road 51, Norwood, MN 55368.

 2017 Champions:

2017 Joe Hortsch Memorial Trophy

for the top Minnesota State Fair Buttermaker:

Champion name

2017 Mary Stenson Memorial Trophy Champion Buttermaker:

Champion name


2017 Champion Cheddar Block Cheesemaker:

Champion name


2017 Champion Cheddar Barrel Cheesemaker:

Champion name

98.67 (tie)

2017 Champion Miscellaneous Cheesemaker:
Champion name


2017 Champion Artisan Cheesemaker: 
Champion name


On-Line Contest Application Forms & Other Information
Butter Contest SPRING 2018 instructions (pdf)
Cheese Contest SPRING 2018 instructions (pdf)
Butter Contest STATE FAIR 2018 instructions (pdf)
Cheese Contest STATE FAIR 2018 instructions (pdf)


Butter Scoring
Butter Contest Cards

Cheese Scoring
Cheese Contest Cards
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