umdia: The Upper midwest dairy industry association

Butter & Cheese Contests
Three butter contests and three cheese contests are
coordinated by UMDIA each year:
Fall Contest;
Spring Contest;
Minnesota State Fair Contest.
You may choose to enter one, some or all of the contests,
please see below for Online Contest information. 

Remaining 2016 Entry Deadlines:
State Fair Contest: July 15th 2016

Just a final reminder that your entries are due this Friday!
Dear Cheesemaker:
We hope to see your entry in the 2015-2016 Cheese Contests coordinated by UMDIA.
Note that for this cycle of contests we have moved to three contests which include:
Fall; Spring; and Minnesota State Fair (in July) contests.  Entries should be delivered to
Bongards’ Creameries at 13200 County Road 51, Norwood, MN 55368.  
The entry deadline for the State Fair Contest, is now Friday, July 15, 2016.

On-Line Contest Application Forms & Other Information
2016 Cheese Contest Details
2016 Spring Butter Entry Directions
2016 Spring Cheese Entry Directions
2016 June Butter Entry Directions
2016 June Cheese Entry Directions
2016 State Fair Butter Entry Directions
2016 State Fair Cheese Entry Directions

Butter Scoring
Butter Contest Cards

Cheese Scoring
Cheese Contest Cards
Contest Mailing Labels

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